Most AVANT deliverables are confidential, while others are public deliverables. For dissemination and communication purposes, public deliverables will be downloadable in full from this website. Public deliverables are  also available in the AVANT Zenodo Community Fighting Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR). The list of public deliverables with the corresponding Lead Beneficiary and in due date:

Title of Deliverable 

Work Package

Responsible Partner

Due date

D8.5 – Summary report on opinion surveys targeting end users 

WP 8


October 2022 (M34)

D4.3 – Effects of feeding strategies on gut health

WP 4


December 2022 (M36)

D5.3 – Clinical efficacy of alternatives to antimicrobials

WP 5


June 2024


D6.3 – Projections of antimicrobial use by 2030

WP 6


December 2024 (M60)

D9.6 – Executive summary of project outcomes policy makers

WP 9


 December 2024 (M60)