Below is a collection of upcoming events for 2021-2022:

5th International Conference on Responsible Use of Antibiotics in Animals 07.-09.06.2021 Virtual Event UCPH, KFV, RVC, RTDS
One Health EJP Annual Scientific Meeting 2021 09.-11.06.2021 Copenhagen, DK
Animal Health Investment USA 15.-16.06.2021 Virtual Event KFV
16th International Symposium of Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics (ISVEE16) 09.-13.08.2021 Halifax, CA
Animal Husbandry and Feed Industry Expo KAHE 16.-17.08.2021 Kumming, CHN
8th International Conference on the Welfare of Animals at Farm & Group 16.-19.08.2021 Cork, IE
72nd Annual Meeting of European Federation of Animal Science 30.08.-03.09.2021 Davos, CH
20th Int. Conference on “Life Sciences for Sustainable Developments” 23.-25.09.2021 Cluj-Napoca, RO
Animal Health Innovation Asia 19.-20.10.2021 Virtual Event KFV
Animal Health Investment Europe – Shaping the Future of Animal Health 21.-23.02.2022 London, UK KFV
“Lange Nacht der Forschung” LNF2022 20.05.2022 Vienna & Tulln, AT RTDS
15th International Symposium on Digestive Physiology of Pigs (DPP2021) 17.-20.05.2022 Rotterdam, NL WUR, SFR
8th Conference on Beneficial Microbes 12.-14.07.2022 Madison, US